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Up On The Roof does NOT allow pet dogs. 

If you are a regular reader of my restaurant reviews you know we normally only review restaurants that are both kid and dog friendly. Up On The Roof only allows service dogs. 
At the time of our visit there was still some discrepancy among the staff as to whether or not dogs were allowed in the restaurant.
Since our visit I have contacted management to find that the Embassy Suites, which Up On The Roof is atop of, is NOT pet friendly. They only allow service animals.

That being said, we loved the place otherwise and encourage you to read on.

This review will still detail our journey which included a furry friend. But I do not want to mislead people into thinking they can take theirs pets to Up On The Roof.

up on the roof “German Shepherd Up On The Roof”

Have you ever wanted to take your puppy Up On The Roof overlooking downtown Greenville for lunch? On this adventure a little German Shepherd puppy named Zeus accompanied us to do just that. Zeus was about 13 weeks old during this field trip.

~The Experience~

I’ll be honest I’m not a huge fan of couches that don’t allow my feet to touch the ground when I lean back.downtown greenville sc restaurant review  Now that I got that off my chest I hope you have the time to listen to me ramble about all the things I love about Up on the Roof.
The atmosphere in the heavily sought after lounge spots on the rooftop does not feel like a restaurant or a bar at all.
Picture this: matching love seats facing each other, each with a happy couple gazing into each others eyes with a casual smile. Their bodies shifted toward one another until their outermost legs have crossed their innermost legs. At this point it would be hard to tell if they were sitting or laying. As the arm not supporting their head holds laxly a glass of wine.

The patio is laid out in a way that creates a surprisingly private vibe.
The icing: flatscreen TVs and fire pit tables with temp controls at your fingertips.

*The rooftop patio seating is first come first serve so don’t waste any time.


~Menu~ downtown greenville sc restaurant review up on the roof

Ranging from chicken and duck to octopus and vegetarian options. I trust you won’t have trouble finding something tasty.
The hard part will be ordering your beverage. The drink menu is far larger than the selection for eats.

~The Grub~

Always be cautious when a menu offers anything that lives 1,500+ feet below see level… or has more than 6 legs. up on the roof greenville sc restaurant review No fear, your safe to order whatever sounds exciting at Up on the Roof. I took one for the team.
The food was great, including the octopus.


~Puppy Seating~ downtown greenville sc restaurant review dog friendly

Since the patio seating is very spaced out this is a great option for lunch with your pup. Keep in mind, great manners in public are an absolute must. To get to the restaurant you have to enter through the hotel, talk the elevator upstairs and walk through a narrow entrance way and then the bar to get to the rooftop patio.
They did not offer water to Zeus while we were there. I’m guessing they don’t get many 4 legged visitors.
A portion of the rooftop seating is covered and equipped with flat screen TVs and comfortable patio furniture.

~The View~

up on the roof greenville sc view

dog psychology and training center training german shepherd

up on the roof patio seating area review greenville sc

~The Honorable Mentions~

Locally grown micro greens supplied by Upstate Greens top many of the dishes here. If you are unfamiliar with micro greens you’ll be happy to know they are super tasty and contain 4-40 times the nutrients of traditional greens.
Support local businesses which support local businesses!
Also, there is a parking garage in the basement of Embassy Suites which “Up on the Roof” sits atop.

**The Meat and Potatoes**

🙂 Dog Friendly Outside – Yes
🙂 Dog Friendly Inside – Service Dogs Only
🙂 Kid Friendly / Kid Menu – No
🙂 Highchairs – Yes
🙁 Booster Seat – No
🙂 Ballpark Cost – $10-15
🙂 Wait Time for Food – 15 mins (approx)
🙂 Free Appetizer – No
🙂 Bathroom – George Costanza would climb 9 flights of stairs to use their restrooms
🙂 View – Fantastic
🙂 Sidewalk Traffic – Who cares, your 100′ above ground
:/ Portion Size – Decent depending on the dish (some are appetizer size)
🙂 Busiest Time of Day – 7pm-9pm
🙂 Wait Staff – Yes+Pleasant
🙂 First-Timer Friendly – Yes
🙂 Location – Across the Reedy from the TD Stage on the same strip as the Lazy Goat

~Verdict~ downtown greenville sc restaurant review kid friendly

If you are one of those strange people who like great food, amazing atmosphere and a view you can literally only get from a top of 9 story building. This might satisfy your sick fetish.
Even stranger, you won’t likely find yourself alone up there.

~Why Obedience Dog Training Matters~

With proper obedience training you can confidently take your dog on outings like this without the fear of him jumping on people barking at other dogs, pulling on the leash or not sitting still while you sit down for a meal. Check out our YouTube page to see more of how an obedient dog can change how you live your life.

downtown greenville sc restaurant review dog training

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Eric Nierman
Owner/Dog Trainer
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