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Nose Dive – Restaurant Review – Dog/Kid Friendly – Greenville SC

“The Lover”
Etta is a super sweet, ten month old, Golden Retriever who absolutely LOVES people… almost too much. That’s one of the main reasons she came to stay with us. She will be joining us for our Nose Dive restaurant review today. During her stay with us we will be working on her not getting overly excited in the presence of people and children. There is a lot of small child traffic at her house so this is a huge obstacle that’s become a part of daily life at her house. This visit to Nose Dive was exactly what Etta needed. This was one of her field trips to get out and about and around lots of people in a high distraction environment so we can work on her manners and get her ready to go home and behave around all those little grandchildren. 🙂  (Check out Etta’s video of her behaving at Nose Dive towards the end)

The Nose Dive – Restaurant Review – Dog/Kid Friendly – Greenville SC

~The Experience~
😁Everyone was super friendly and hospitable at Nose Dive. Not only was our waitress attentive to our needs but the manager and another server were both doing rounds and checking in on everyone throughout our visit. 👍
We visited on a Friday and were encouraged to get a drink at lunchtime (due to it being Friday)… “if I must”. 😁🍹

The Nose Dive – Restaurant Review – Dog/Kid Friendly – Greenville SC

Nose Dive understands that everyones taste buds are different.
The menu was split into categories, even the drink menu, so it was super easy to find what you were looking for without having to look through pages of no interest you. Super awesome. I even took a picture for you.

The Nose Dive – Restaurant Review – Dog/Kid Friendly – Greenville SC~The Grub~
This is where Nose Dive did not exceed my expectations. The food is not bad. But it’s nothing great. 😐
If they performed better on the food itself this might be my top choice on Main Street.

The Nose Dive – Restaurant Review – Dog/Kid Friendly – Greenville SC~Puppy Seating~
There was a spot ready for Etta before we were even seated. They had a water
bowl filled and waiting. The manager brought Etta organic pumpkin spice dog biscuits (made by the house chef 👌) as soon as we sat down.
Etta’s water bowl didn’t even run dry before they refilled it.

~The View~

The Nose Dive – Restaurant Review – Dog/Kid Friendly – Greenville SC
~The Honorable Mention~
In addition to the outdoor seating for the super fine summer days in Greenville, Nose Dive offers a very stylish and cozy atmosphere inside. Upstairs is a really comfortable den/lounge that you will probably find yourself reluctant to leave after a meal. Even if you don’t get a seat with a view out the giant accordion windows that open up to the Main Street sights and sounds. Downstairs is almost equally awesome. 😉

restaurant review downtown greenville sc the nose dive

**The Meat and Potatoes**

🙂 Dog Friendly Outside – Yes
🙂 Dog Friendly Inside – Service Dogs Only
🙂 Kid Friendly / Kid Menu – Yes
🙂 Highchairs – Yes
🙂 Booster Seat – Yes
🙂 Ballpark Cost – $12-$24
🙂 Wait Time for Food – 10 mins
🙂 Free Appetizer – No
🙂 Bathroom – Shared with Westin Hotel
🙂 View – Main Street Downtown 😁
🙂 Sidewalk Traffic – Heavy, Your right in the middle of Main street
🙂 Portion Size – Good
🙂 Busiest Time of Day – 6-9PM
🙂 Wait Staff – Super Friendly
🙂 First-Timer Friendly – Yes
🙂 Location – Attached to to Westin Hotel Downtown Greenville, SC
🙂 Ordering – Order at your table with your pup 🐶

the nose dive kid friendly

Reign gives two arms up. 👍👶👍

The Nose Dive gives a great taste of downtown to anyone visiting Greenville while grabbing a bite. I think everyone should give Nose Dive at least one try.

(Don’t miss Etta’s experience of Nose Dive below ⬇️)

~Why Obedience Dog Training Matters~

With proper obedience training you can confidently take your dog on outings like this without the fear of him jumping on people, barking at other dogs, pulling on the leash or not sitting still while you sit down for a meal. Check out our YouTube page to see more of how an obedient dog can change how you live your life.

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Nose Dive
Address: 116 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601
Hours: 11am-10pm
(Fri/Sat = close 1 hour later) (Saturday/Sun = Open 1 hour earlier)
Phone: 864-373-7300

Eric Nierman
Owner/Dog Trainer
Dog Psychology and Training Center


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