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~The Pup~

~Obedience Dog Training~

It was a cool windy day and all the newspapers and napkins in sight were sprinting across the patio floor. Very enticing for a young puppy. I’m sure now you are wondering how Bella managed. Remember, Bella was only 15 weeks old when she joined Krystal, Stephanie and myself for lunch downtown Greenville. She did fantastic! Since she was already beginning her mastery of dog obedience training she was able to lay down and stay calm while all the little papers go flying through the air right past her. Not to mention all the sights, sounds and smells that come with a storm anyways…. We were feeling the wake of tropical storm Hermine. A few weeks prior to this she would have pulling on her leash and constantly trying to run, follow, and eat the papers. This could be a problem for her parents. Especially when she is a little older since she is a Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff who will be about 120 lbs when she’s all grown up.

Experience our lunch with us at Brazwells. We were live on Facebook.
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~The Experience~

When “Pub” is in the name you have to have a drink with your meal right? I myself am not a beer drinker. I explained this to the waitress but told her I would like to try something new. I was soon sipping on samples of Stella and Shocktop. I opted for the Shocktop with orange. The orange really made the beverage in my opinion. But that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like beer.

Their outdoor patio was covered and lighted. That, and the multiple flat screen TVs, really gave it a good vibe. Kind of like hanging out and having a drink at your friends place in high school who had the novel idea to putting a TV on the patio. Brazwells topped this reminiscent experience simply by having a wait staff and more on the menu than just corn dogs. One additional note I would like to make is the fact that the tables didn’t wobble. If you have eaten at many restaurants with outdoor seating you know this can really dampen your dining experience. So KUDOS Brazwells.

I did venture in to the men’s room, so I could report back to you, and was pleasantly surprised at my findings. Individual restrooms (1 including a changing table) which were very clean and tidy. In addition to the stand alone full equipped bathrooms there were 3 sinks in the corridor where the bathrooms are found. This would surely be for those of us enjoying those messy finger foods… or anyone with children. For that crowd there is also a large standing mirror. This is a nice feature if you have a habit of spilling food on yourself… ehunh huh.. Krystal. After my visit inside I was almost disappointed we didn’t sit inside; the layout was so appealing. Very inviting atmosphere. Well lit with plush booths and a very attractive full bar. Also a spacious layout compared to many pubs.


~The Menu~

Short and sweet, just the way I like it. Otherwise I could spend just as long ordering as eating. The menu had lots of great sounding options but not so many that I couldn’t make up my mind. All 3 dishes we tried during this visit were excellent.

~The Meat and Potatoes~

Dog Friendly Outside – Yes
Dog Friendly Inside – Service Dogs Only
Kid Friendly / Kid Menu – Yes x2
First-Timer Friendly – Yes
Location – 2 minute hike from the bridge on Main Street
Highchairs – Yes
Booster Seats – Yes
Ballpark Cost – $10-$15
Wait Time for Food – 10-15 mins
Bathroom – Approved!
View – Good
Sidewalk Traffic – High (Patio sits off the main street enough that it is not bothersome)
Portion Size – Good Lunch portion, I would probably add an extra side to my entree if I were having dinner there.
Wait Staff – Yes+Approved
Busiest Time of Day – 6PM and later


~The View ~

obedience Dog Training


Very strong performer here. Although my first experience at Brazwells didn’t show me anything that I couldn’t necessarily get somewhere else, this was a fine establishment that I plan on returning to.

~Why Obedience Dog Training Matters~

With proper obedience training you can confidently take your dog on outings like this without the fear of him jumping on people barking at other dogs, pulling on the leash or not sitting still while you sit down for lunch. Check out our YouTube page for some free dog training tips. Schedule to meet with a dog trainer today. CLICK HERE to find out when our Owner/Director of Training Krystal is available to meet with you to answer your questions.

~ Brazwells Premium Pub & Restaurant ~
Address: 631 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: (864) 568-5053

Eric Nierman
Owner/Dog Trainer
Dog Psychology and Training Center

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