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~The Beast~

~Obedience Dog Training~

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On this particular journey through the narrow corridors of Greenville. We brought along a star pupil of our Barxford University. A pit mix named Ziggy. Ziggy’s primary focus during his stay was his anxiety. Outings like this one helped build his confidence in both his handler (Steph) and himself.

~The Experience~

So…. Tupelo… I had heard many great things about Tupelo Honey so my expectations were high. Perhaps too high. Not to say there was anything ‘bad’ about TH, but there wasn’t much appeal to me for returning. I would rate everything about the establishment as “ok”. I wouldn’t discourage you from trying TH out for yourself and if you love it, I still love you. My beef was small potatoes.

I walked in one of the 3 entrances to the restaurant. I found out quickly that it wasn’t the main entrance since no one greeted me and I got a funky look when I asked if I could be seated in the outdoor patio. The table was wobbly… the normal napkins trick didn’t do it. No paper towels in the men’s room. It took 23 mins to get the food. Not terrible considering there was a decent crowd but having ordered off a lunch menu I hadn’t really planned on the outing lasting an hour+, so a little disappointed.Β Most eateries in Greenville are overly hospitable. Not giving you the opportunity to sit down before making sure you have a high chair and water for your dog simply because they recognize the need. This wasn’t my experience here.


~The Grub~

Solid performance from the plate. Food was very good. Brussel spouts were killer.

restaurant review greenville south carolina dog training

~The View~

It is right off main street but tucked away so the sidewalk traffic isn’t too heavy. So if you like to people watch, the scenery isn’t too thrilling. The place was packed and we were just about the only people, and dog :), seated outside.


~Puppy Seating~

The outdoor patio area has a fence around the entire thing, excluding the entrance, so your dog doesn’t have the option of darting after something. But, the fence is entirely see through so the possibility of an exciting distraction catching your puppies eye is still there.

**The Meat and Potatoes**

πŸ™‚ Dog Friendly Outside – Yes
😐 Dog Friendly Inside – Service Dogs Only
πŸ™‚ Kid Friendly / Kid Menu – Yes Both
πŸ™‚ Highchairs – Yes
πŸ™‚ Booster Seat – Yes
😐 Ballpark Cost – Lunch= $10-$13 / Dinner= $14-$25
😐 Wait Time for Food – 23 mins
πŸ™‚ Free Appetizer – Rolls
πŸ™ Bathroom – Out of paper towels
😐 View – Nothing special
😐 Sidewalk Traffic – Low
😐 Portion Size – Ate on lunch menu, average lunch size
πŸ™‚ Busiest Time of Day – 7pm-9pm
πŸ™‚ Wait Staff – Yes
πŸ™‚ Solo Friendly – Yes, order at your table
πŸ™Β First-Timer Friendly – Not the most. If you walk into either one of the 2 secondary entrance you will feel lost and not get any direction from staff. It seems assumed by the staff that all their customers knew their operation.
😐 Location – Tucked away and easily missed. Right across from “Aloft”, on the back side of the “ONE City Plaza” downtown Greenville SC.


~The Verdict~

I give a sideways thumb. 😐
Not that this was a bad place to eat, there are just so many other places that have knocked my socks off. Β I would not recommend this place to any out-of-towners.


~Why Obedience Dog Training Matters~

With proper dog obedience training you can confidently take your dog on outings like this without the fear of him jumping on people barking at other dogs, pulling on the leash or not sitting still while you sit down for lunch or dinner. Check out our YouTube page for some free dog training tips. Schedule to meet with a dog trainer today. CLICK HERE to find out when our Owner/Director of Training Krystal is available to meet with you to answer your questions.

~Tupelo Honey Cafe~

Address: 1 N Main St t, Greenville, SC 29601
Hours: Open from 8am-10am / Close from 9pm-10pm
Phone: (864) 451-6200
Tupelo Honey Menu
Tupelo Honey Website

Eric Nierman
Owner/Dog Trainer

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