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~The Prowl~

~Obedience Dog Training~

Our puppy pal that joined us on this little lunch getaway was Bella. She is a Cane Corso puppy, at the time 14 weeks old. Her stay with the Dog Psychology and Training Center was for a Barxford Board and Train Program where she was entitled to a few strolls in the park. We happened to land in Downtown Greenville on this occasion during lunchtime.

If you ever find on the prowl for a lunch destination down Main Street downtown Greenville before 11am on a weekday your options for an eatery will be slim. Sully’s Steamers is one of very few restaurants downtown Greenville that are opened before 11am. Thank God for Sully’s… and Google helping me find them. πŸ™‚


~The Experience~

If you have walked downtown Greenville, you have probably walked past Sully’s Steamers at least once. Although during many of the events and festivals downtown you will find a lot of the restaurants are closed, Sully’s is always opened. Often quite literally, they like to prop their doors open during events to invite you in. If you haven’t given one of their Steamers a try yet, you should. You may be wondering, as I was, what exactly is a “Steamer”? It’s basically a sandwich inside a toasted bagel. I exclaim, they are fantastic!Β Here is our Facebook Live shot on scene at Sully’s Steamers.

~The Menu~

They have done an outstanding job with menu versatility. Simply the wide array of bagel flavors allow them to accommodate nearly any pallet. Aside from the base of your masterpiece, the options for innards are fantastic as well. Titles like California Steamin’, Griswald, Mr. T, Pastrami Mommy and The Gamecock keep a smile on your face the entire time you are looking over the menu. Options from italian, pizza, veggie, PBnJ, or simply a cream cheese spread for your bagel. If you struggle with a menu like I do, the struggle here won’t be finding something that sounds good. It will be picking from all the options that sound fantastic.

~The Meat and Potatoes~

Dog Friendly Outside – Yes
Dog Friendly Inside – Service Dogs Only
Kid Friendly / Kid Menu – Yes x2
First-Timer Friendly – Yes
Location – The heart of downtown Greenville
N. Main + E. Washington
Highchairs – Yes
Booster Seats – Yes
Ballpark Cost – $10-$15
Wait Time for Food – 10-15 mins
Bathroom – Approved
View – Good for people watching
Sidewalk Traffic – Moderate to High
Portion Size – Great breakfast size portion for me. One sandwich may not be enough for dinner if you have a big appetite.
Wait Staff – No
Busiest Time of Day – After 12am on Friday and Saturday
Ordering with your dog – Order inside, your dog must be left outside

~The Verdict~

The team here is always friendly and brings your meal to your table after you place your order at the counter. Every visit is a pleasurable experience. We have been there a few times now. πŸ™‚



~Why Obedience Dog Training Matters~

With proper dog obedience training you can confidently take your dog on outings like this without the fear of him jumping on people barking at other dogs, pulling on the leash or not sitting still while you sit down for lunch or dinner. Check out our YouTube page for some free dog training tips. Schedule to meet with a dog trainer today. CLICK HERE to find out when our Owner/Director of Training Krystal is available to meet with you to answer your questions.



~Sully’s Steamers~
Address: 6 E Washington St, Greenville, SC 29601
Hours: Varies by day
7am-8pm (open till 3am Friday and Saturday)
Phone: (864) 509-6061
Sully’s Website

Eric Nierman
Owner/Dog Trainer
Dog Psychology and Training Center

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