All of our programs are TAILORED to your family and dog and are GUARANTEED for life!

Do you care about EXCELLENCE but don’t have time to do it yourself?? We can train your dog FOR you!

We train your dog for 25 days at our home to listen without a leash in public with fantastic manners.

We train your dog for 11 days at our home teaching your dog the beginning to off leash reliability.

Do you have the time and like to do things yourself? We can train your dog WITH you!

Six private lessons at your house or ours teaching your dog the essentials every dog needs to know.

Two private lessons at your house or ours for the dogs who only need to learn the bare basics.

Just get a puppy? Congrats! We’re here to get you started on the right paw! (For puppies 10-20 weeks)

We train your puppy at our home for 18 days focusing on potty training, obedience, and manners.

Six private lessons with you and your puppy covering manners and socialization.