ALL PROGRAMS include: 

  • Lifetime GUARANTEE (we stand by our results)
  • Exclusive Access to our online Client’s Only portal
  • Unlimited Email Support (forever!)
  • All inclusive training tools up to a $300 value (including Remote Training Collars for board and train programs)
  • All AKC CGC testing (Canine Good Citizen) upon completion

Finest Fido (3 Private Lessons)

*One-on-one training at our place and yours!*

Is your dog a nuisance? Does he pull on leash when on walks and jump on people when they come over to the house?


We can bring these things to a screeching halt in only a few sessions. Seriously! Think about how wonderful life would be if your dog would just LISTEN and how ACCOMPLISHED you’ll feel knowing you have the best behaved dog in the neighborhood.


Your dog will walk politely (without pulling you around town), and greet your guests patiently (rather than jumping).

This Program Includes:

  • 3 Private Lessons (at least one at your home)
  • 3 Obedience Commands: Sit, Come, Place (go to their bed and stay)
  • 4 House Manners: Off, Enough (for barking, rough play, etc), and Walk (without pulling)
  • Plus all of the above mentioned extras
  • Bonuses: 3 FREE Group Socials

~Tuition – $675~

“I have had an excellent experience working with Dog Psychology and Training Center. In just one session they had my stubborn girl listening and respecting their commands. I have learned a lot from them and would definitely recommend them to other dog owners.”

-Ann Leotaud

Muttessori Boarding School (5 Day BOARD & TRAIN)

*Your dog gets a LUXURY stay with us IN OUR HOME, not in a noisy kennel.*

*An excellent choice for busy/vacationing families.*

How big would your smile be if I told you your dog (yes, your dog) could be both happy and well behaved?… at the same time!  Imagine having friends over and your dog greeting them politely WITHOUT jumping or knocking anyone over! How about being free to relax and enjoy your guests knowing that your dog is resting calmly by your feet or on their bed?


This program is for the family who wants the absolute best training experience, in the shortest amount of time. Wouldn’t you rather have someone else do the hardest work for you?


Do your friends say “you have the best dog ever”? If not, it’s time they start.

This Program Includes:

  • 5 Day Board and Train
  • 3 Obedience Commands: Sit, Come, Place (go to their bed and stay) with distractions plus HAND SIGNALS
  • 6 House Manners: Off, Enough (for barking, rough play, etc) Leave it, Walk, (without pulling), Stay (no bolting), and Crate
  • 3 Exclusive “Livability” Commands: go to “kitchenorliving room”, get “outof this room (Only offered at DPTC)
  • 4 Follow Up Lessons (in case you ever need a refresher!)
  • Plus all of the above mentioned extras
  • Bonuses: 5 FREE Group Socials

~Tuition – $1975~

“We are 3 months post board and train. Southie has become a different dog. HE’S A MUCH BETTER LISTENER. We are thrilled to have found Krystal and Eric!”

– Jenna Manning

Barxford University (TWO 5 Day BOARD & TRAINS)

*Your dog gets a LUXURY stay with us IN OUR HOME, not in a noisy kennel.*

*An excellent choice for busy/vacationing families.*

*Off Leash, Unlimited Program*

Do you wish your dog would stop embarrassing you because of their crazy behavior when out and about or when you company? How about if your dog would stop barking at everything on a walk and stop pulling you down? What would it be like if your dog would stop taking off and actually come back when you tell him to


With this program, we fix all that and more! You will be able to take your dog anywhere without them pulling, barking, or chasing people, dogs, or squirrels. Your dog will come to you no matter where you are. Plus we’ll teach your dog all of the rooms of your house, how to get out of the kitchen so you can cook in peace, and to stay put even when the front door is wide open. So, you can trust your dog to listen on the other side of the house, when you have a house full of company, or outside without a leash?


Stop dreaming. Let’s turn your dog into the dog of your dreams NOW!

This Program Includes:  with PROGRAM EXCLUSIVES

  • Two 5 Day Board and Trains
  • 5 ADVANCED, OFF-LEASH Obedience Commands: Sit, Down, Come, Heel, Place (go to their bed and stay) with distractions inside and outside plus HAND SIGNALS
  • UNLIMITED House Manners: Off, Enough (for barking, rough play, etc), Leave it, no pulling on Walk with AUTO-SIT when you stop, Stay, Crate, create or restore HOUSEBREAKING, and ELIMINATES ALL BAD BEHAVIOR (bolting, jumping, barking, digging, counter surfing, stealing, and marking)
  • UNLIMITED Exclusive “Livability” Commands: go to “kitchenorliving room”, get “outof this room, naming rooms, out, back, up/downstairs (inside), etc (Only offered at DPTC)
  • UNLIMITED Follow Up Lessons (forever!)
  • Plus all of the above mentioned extras
  • Bonuses: UNLIMITED FREE Group Socials

~Tuition – $2875~

Bentley has been home almost a week now from Barxford University and he learned so much while at “college”!! He is much more chilled out at home, he doesn’t go crazy now when he sees a squirrel or a cat, and our walks have been so much more enjoyable! No more pulling,Yea!!

-Michelle Putman

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