Customized for your family. Guaranteed for life!
One-on-one training at our place or yours!


(2 Lessons)

Is your dog a nuisance? Does he pull on leash when on walks and jump on people when they come over to the house?


We can bring these things to a screeching halt in only a few sessions. Seriously!


Your dog will sit, walk politely (without pulling you around town), and greet your guests patiently (rather than jumping).


You also get a Group Social (this allows you an opportunity to work on your dog and his new skills around other dogs and people) and unlimited help from us between lessons by email as needed throughout your program with us.

What’s Included


2 Private Lessons


30 Days Email Support


Bonus: 1 FREE Group Social


~Tuition – $575~

BNT vs Private Lessons

What are Group Socials?


(6 Lessons)

This is our program for the families who want a dog they can really impress their friends with.


Upon completion of this program, your dog is eligible to be tested to become a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) through the AKC.


This will identify your dog as a well-mannered doggy citizen and also, on occasion, allow for insurance discounts and access to certain establishments that would otherwise not allow dogs, such as hotels.


Fido will respond to commands the first time told to. You will be equipped with all the basic commands such as sit, down, and come.


Plus, some super practical commands like “place” (this means Fido stays on a bed until released)… awesome for meal time and when you have visitors! And yes, your dog can most certainly do that.

What’s Included:


6 Private Lessons


Canine Good Citizen Testing


Elevated Place Cot


60 Days Email Support


Bonuses: 3 FREE Group Socials, 2 DPTC Exclusive “Livability Commands: naming rooms, out, back, stay (inside)”


~Tuition – $875~

BNT vs Private Lessons

What are Group Socials?

What are “Livability” Commands?


We can help! Our programs are GUARANTEED because we stand by our results. Let us help you get the dog you deserve!