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Restaurant Week!

~The Experience~

It’s Restaurant Week in Greenville!
How could we resist heading downtown on a Friday, during Restaurant Week, when it’s in the 70’s! We couldn’t. If you have ever walked downtown Greenville you have likely recognized Grill Marks as a landmark. There enormous lighted logo on the side of the building paired with their very welcoming patio which always appears to be a rendezvous point judging by the inevitable pedestrian cluster on the sidewalk outside the restaurant.
On this outing we brought one of our own dogs. Our Neapolitan Mastiff, Morgyn. This was our second expedition ending at Grill Marks since we have called the upstate home. We had the same server both times we ate here. I have to be honest, we weren’t thrilled with her. Everyone else working there seemed especially pleasant but we just didn’t click with our server’s personality and service style. Well, now that I got that out of the way, let’s talk about what make Grill Marks great.
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Everything is a la cart. Pros=you only order what you want and are actually hungry for rather than ordering what sounds good and feeling obligated when 4 lbs of ‘this and that’ sits in front of you as if in a staring contest. Cons=this menu style is reflected in the price. Portion sizes for sides are relatively small.

~The Grub~

These burgers are boss. They even have their logo grilled into the buns. You may notice we didn’t get a picture of that. We were absolutely famished when our food arrived. When you sink your teeth into a Grill Marks burger you know where you are. The grilled buns actually give them a unique texture and taste I think you could pick out of a burger line up. The level of chaos the burgers is very appropriate if you ask me. There’s enough action inside the burger to keep your taste buds jumping and your eyes gazing back upon your masterpiece to witness again and again the while your teeth befall carnage.
This visit came to a close for me with securing of a Salted Caramel Milkshake. With so many establishments making great shakes these days it really takes a unique experience to rock my socks off. I can’t say this shake did that for me. Perhaps I’ll try the “Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float” next visit. That sounds enticing enough just typing it I’m almost ready to make a special visit. 😉

~Puppy Seating~

Grill Marks makes the claim that they have the best patio in town. I can’t say I can argue much with that if you have your pup with you. Not only do they have tables on the sidewalk but they have an outdoor patio that is covered, heated, and lit. The covered patio is the area between the sidewalk seating and the indoor seating. This is the entrance way area so you can get a feel for the action inside and out.

Be your dogs advocate
You will want to make sure that your dog enjoys being around people and other dogs being embarking on the journey to Grill Marks. Although I love the patio there isn’t much room to spread out so your pup is bound to be within a couple feet of another table and their patio is always packed.

~The View~

I love their patio seating for view. I like people watching and Grill Marks is prime for people watching. One of the busier sidewalks downtown.

~The Honorable Mention~

Grill Barks
Grill Marks encourages dogs to the point of… selling dog treats. I stumbled across these while surfing their website. Had our waitress mentioned this to us during our visit we would have tried them so we could provide some feedback.

**The Meat and Potatoes**

🙂 Dog Friendly Outside – Yes
🙂 Dog Friendly Inside – Service Dogs Only
🙂 Kid Friendly / Kid Menu – Yes
🙂 Highchairs – Yes
🙂 Booster Seat – Yes
🙂 Ballpark Cost – $15 for lunch
🙂 Wait Time for Food – 15-20 mins
:/ Free Appetizer – No
:/ Bathroom – The family restroom is the men’s room=questionable
🙂 View – Good
🙂 Sidewalk Traffic – Heavy
:/ Portion Size – Small
🙂 Busiest Time of Day – 7-8PM, also busy between 2-3PM
🙂 Wait Staff – Yes
🙂 First-Timer Friendly – Yes
🙂 Location – Just down from the intersection of S. Main and E. Broad where you can find the Peace Center


Great choice for nearly any occasion.
Family friendly, dog friendly, full bar, deserts, lively atmosphere, great location and really… who doesn’t like burgers?

~Why Obedience Dog Training Matters~

With proper dog obedience training you can confidently take your dog on outings like this without the fear of him jumping on people barking at other dogs, pulling on the leash or not sitting still while you sit down for a meal. Check out our YouTube page for some free dog training tips.

Address: 209 S Main St, Greenville, SC 29601
Hours: opens at 11am everyday, closing time varies from 9-11pm
Phone: 864-233-5825
Menu: Grill Marks Menu

Eric Nierman
Owner/Dog Trainer
Dog Psychology and Training Center

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