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Why did a dog trainer start writing restaurant reviews in Greenville SC?

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Tell me what is worse than this.

Sitting in the drivers seat parked in a no parking zone with hungry kids asking question after question in that unbearable whiny tone. Your stomach is nothing short of pissed off at you. Every smart phone in the car is Googling.
What restaurant will:
-Fit today’s budget
-Have friendly service
-Have good food
-Have good atmosphere
-Have high chairs and boosters
-Have a kids menus
-Have crayons or something to entertain the kids
-Not throw a fit I brought my dog along (oh, did I mention our dog is also with us… panting profusely because the kids dumped all his water out at the last pit stop… yeah, that too)
-etc, etc.

Greenville SC Dog Training Wild Wings Cafe

In The End…

By the time the adults cross reference review sites your starting to loose your appetite and bedtime is fast approaching so you will likely just take a risk and stop and the first restaurant you come to that didn’t immediately turn you off.
The bad thing about this approach is once you have made the commitment and unloaded the entire crew, your not likely to say “no thanks, this doesn’t look like it’s for me” knowing what that really means; time to pack up the kids and dog(s) in the minivan and venture to a new location… 45 mins later everyone involved is moaning in hunger and now arguing while, more likely than not, once you find the perfect spot… you now have to wait for a table because you don’t have reservations and its now officially dinner time. Well at this point we might as well pickup a pizza and head home. I don’t think anyone is in the mood for eating out anymore.
Aside from all the practical reasons for doing restaurant reviews I have been told in the past I should be a critic. I’m always looking for those little details that make a place stand out from the rest. I take pride in my ability to have appreciation for those things that many people will overlook. On the other hand, I struggle with letting go of those easily avoidable subtleties that make an experience less than stellar.
I hope that when you are looking for a spot to dine with your pack our reviews are helpful in your search and that you share with those who have been in the same situation as us, hungry and confused.

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Eric Nierman
Owner/Dog Trainer
Dog Psychology and Training Center

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