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Do you call your dogs your “kids”?

When it was just Krystal and I, I looked at those people who called their dogs their kids and thought “what a couple of weirdo’s”.
Then we got dogs… and quickly became ‘those people’.
Then we had kids… and our dogs were dogs again.
Wherever you fall, we can relate. Even if you don’t call your dogs your kids, you should realize that imagining how your child would perceive your actions may give you some insight as to how your dog perceives them.

The Power of Discipline

One thing that we have both learned to appreciate over the years is that discipline is essential to building a healthy bond with a child and a dog. Think about it, when you were growing up you respected those adults in your life who told you “no”. The ones who set clear boundaries and didn’t leave anything up for interpretation. You knew what was allowed, what wasn’t allowed and what the consequences for your actions would be. Even if this was never a conscious realization until now those were the people who you took the most guidance from.


Teaching Lessons Through a 3rd Party

I recently heard the same piece of advise on a podcast and a family talk radio show. The advise was, when you have to give strong guidance to your teenager that they may put up some resistance to, talk to someone in their life that they look up to and have that person give the message to the teen. Consider this, teenage years for a dog are from 6-8 months through 12-18 months. Not surprising the average age of dogs entering shelters falls right into this time frame.

If you need to get something across to your teen it’s never a bad idea to seek the aid of their teacher/coach/mentor. Sometimes that’s all it takes to impart to them the knowledge you want them to possess. At the same time, if their coach teaches them a valuable life lesson and them mom or dad echoes that message… “maybe dad does know what he’s talking about.. sometimes”.


WHY Teach from a 3rd Party?

Getting your child into a program like sports or martial arts can be a life changing experience for them. They learn life skills and teamwork skills from someone who is constantly giving them direction and telling them what to do. With a steady flow of positive influence and a mind that is focused in the right direction many of your hurdles as a parent can be avoided before they ever appear. This can similarly be achieved with a dog who gets repeated contact with people who provide positive influence and keep their mind focused on the right things. Not only can we be that influence for your dog, we can help you be that positive influence for your dog.

This is one reason we, as professional dog trainers, are able to see expedited results with our client’s dog obedience training. As soon as we introduce ourselves, we are setting boundaries, holding those boundaries and praising the behaviors we want to see. Communicating to your dog in a way they understand eliminates any gray area. This makes them more confident and more comfortable and subsequently, happier and more willing to accept your direction. :)!

Homeschool or Boarding School?

Krystal and I had considered homeschooling our two oldest children. This year we elected to send them to Montessori school. Although we haven’t given up the idea of homeschooling the kids, we have seen first hand that sometimes with learning and trying new things there is less resistance when a 3rd party is giving the orders.

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Keep it Challenging but Doable

Since I’m on the topic of comparing kids and dogs. I’ll leave you will one last analogy.
Imagine a 6th grader in a 1st grade class = bored therefore disengaged.
Imagine a 1st grader in a 6th grade class = overwhelmed therefore disengaged.
After so many times of walking into that classroom to become disengaged through boredom or overwhelm that child’s brain will become conditioned to shut down before even walking through the door. The same thing can happen with your dog when trying to teach them something that is too far above or below their abilities.

*ALL or our training is done at a 1:1 ratio and sometimes a 2 or 3 trainer to 1 dog ratio.
Learn why we DON’T do group classes. Blog on group classes / Video on group classes

If your done trying to do it on your own and your ready for us to help you on your life journey with your dog and your family contact us today about training for you and your pack!

We can be your dogs coach as well as yours!

Eric Nierman

Owner/Dog Trainer

Dog Psychology and Training Center

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